Hi! I'm Francisca

... And it's a pleasure to meet you.

Before I go on, I need to tell you I have tried my hands on Eight different businesses. I scaled through on five and learnt how not to do things in three. I am a Banker, Events planner, mum and wife. In the cause of our interactions, you will see how I combine all these roles (your ideal super woman things... lol!)

Ok... now my story...

I was given beautiful names by my wonderful parents. They started by naming me ONYINYECHUKWU which means God's gift. My other name is FRANCISCA meaning Freedom. I am indeed a gift to my generation. In December 2012, I was involved in a car crash that almost took my life. That incident turned my life around and gave me reason to push harder and with more purpose. I am alive by the mercies of Christ.

I saw my being alive as a gift and I decided it was time to impact the world . I started living deliberately so that everyday will count. I actually had slim options as I was healing, broke and had a baby in my hands.

With time I started out as an event planner and built my real first side business - Eftinzz Outfit to help busy people create memorable events... I call it creating lingering euphoria memories....

Eftinzz Outfit - Top best 55 creative works

Winning entry for Top best 55 creative works, #Dairy55 competition by #54Artistry(October 2015)

But It Didn't End There For Me

My heart was longing for something else. I had conquered my fears and built a successful side business... but I needed more. I invested in self development and employed the help of mentors and coaches. In January 2016, I started VALID DREAMS WITH FRANCISCA , a quarterly mentoring session to help ladies gain clarity and fulfil their dreams.

After the first session, I knew I had found the missing fire in my heart. My life in the banking sector in the last 11 years had broadened my mind to understanding the basic challenges the a corporate employee. It had shown me the joys and the troubles of a 9-5 employee. I have a first hand experience of the wins and near wins in the corporate world.

After seeing a lot of my colleagues leave the corporate world without a decisive Plan in place, I decided to take this journey.

Having successfully run 5 businesses and have found systems and processes that work for corporate employees, helping them 


from a side business that is tailored to their personalities.

For a personalised strategy session to help you clarify your dreams, goals and plan, I invite you to my signature session, The Plan B Audit. This is a FREE life transforming 15 minutes session with me.

Join 300+ Amazing people who took the risk and succeeded!

Be part of our community of visionary 9-5 persons and get tips needed to realise your dreams and visions.