After I Do part 5

How can David be so selfish and out of thought?
How could he?
Carol was in a rage as she paced forth and back in the spacious bedroom which has suddenly grown smaller.

Their bedroom was tastefully furnished with unique pieces which represented the interests and treasured memories of them both. From the ankara inspired wall paper to the wooden bedstand lamp all tells a story of two beautiful people who love beautiful things. The room has a charm which calms the nerves of Carol anytime, anyday but today.

Carol has a rare case of insomnia which triggers up whenever she is woken up from sleep within an hour of her getting to bed . She not only finds it difficult to sleep back but she has something close to a nervous breakdown. Doctors are still finding a name for this ailment.

I am sure he did this deliberately just to get back at me.
I am certain he has an ulterior motive for this.
These thoughts clouded the minds of Carol who has now found a sit for herself on the bed until she was startled by the notification sound of her phone.

She opened a mail which has been forwarded to her by her sister and she was amazed by the insight she got from the content.

The mail was a newsletter from a woman who has been through what she was passing through and who is now helping others find happiness in the home front.

At that moment, Carol was sure her marriage can still be restored to the dream home she has always hoped for.

The power of communication is not to be compromised in a home. Communication is a key to unlocking closed doors in every marriage.
One major stumbling block that many do not know however is the TIME TO COMMUNICATE.

We will be learning more about communication timing in the following post.




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Badejo adenike tuyo - January 24, 2016 Reply

Very interesting story.communication play a big role in every relationship its now left to pple involve to know what, when, and where to discus,bcos issue that meant to be discuss in private room should not be tabled in the sitting is good for couples to communicate alot to avoid unnecessary problem

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