Can I get you a drink?
David grunted as he walked pass me into the visitors room which has since become his bedroom. The night he undressed in that room five months ago, after I confronted him with his frequent late coming, was the exodus from he been my lover to my co-tenant. How else will I describe our relationship and marriage?

Our relationship was the envy of all and prayer point for many a couple four years back. We met in an interview panel, both fresh from school. We exchanged contacts and informed each other whenever there was a vacancy post. I got a job first in an accounting firm but as God will have it, David got his dream job with an IT consulting firm. He called me for a hangout to celebrate our victory over joblessness so we met after work at a fast food joint in town. That night started a beautiful love story which saw us saying the words “I DO” twenty six months later.

Two years down the line, we have become strangers. The love we shared has become a distant past that I can’t begin to fathom. I have been dutiful as a wife to David. I have never failed in delivering my duties to him. My pots and knives skills cannot be rivaled. My body used to be his temple of worship. He always found ways to please me but all these are now like a shadow that disappeared at noon.

Where have it all gone wrong?
To be continued

Above is the story of Carol. In your own view, what do you think might be the challenge she is facing?
What did carol do or didn’t do to help her relationship?
Kindly comment below.


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