3 things you need to do very fast before 2017

My Dear Wonderful Friend,

This year has been marvelous because I got to meet you. Though I did not send you a beautiful Christmas card, I must confess that I sent prayers to you on 25th.

I took the fearful step of launching this website on 14th of January ,2016 and I am glad I did not allow fear get the better of me. Which other way would I have met you if not through this singular step of mine?

I am grateful to you for being a huge part of my 2016 success story,I DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED.


2017 will be with us in a few hours and I need you to do these 3 things very fast before the clock ticks 12.

  1. CELEBRATE YOURSELF: Yes darling, you need to celebrate yourself. You need to celebrate the days you screamed with excitement and the days you danced in the rain. Give it to yourself, you have been awesome in at least one thing this year.
  2. APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM: Do you think you did it alone? Truth be told, you did the major job but then, what if the refuse collector decided to go on strike for two week? Imagine how filthy your home will be. It is time to acknowledge your best hands. Send a thank you note or place a call across to them, it is important.
  3. BE OPEN TO FORGIVE: You never know the weight of the burden you carry until you let go of a pain in your heart. Anger and resentment is breed where there is hurt and pain. Please let go and forgive that one person that has hurt you so much. It is not the easiest thing to do but I bet you, you will be better off afterwards.

This is me, wishing you an awesome 2017.


Much love and strawberry



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