After I Do part 5

How can David be so selfish and out of thought?
How could he?
Carol was in a rage as she paced forth and back in the spacious bedroom which has suddenly grown smaller.

Their bedroom was tastefully furnished with unique pieces which represented the interests and treasured memories of them both. From the ankara inspired wall paper to the wooden bedstand lamp all tells a story of two beautiful people who love beautiful things. The room has a charm which calms the nerves of Carol anytime, anyday but today.

Carol has a rare case of insomnia which triggers up whenever she is woken up from sleep within an hour of her getting to bed . She not only finds it difficult to sleep back but she has something close to a nervous breakdown. Doctors are still finding a name for this ailment.

I am sure he did this deliberately just to get back at me.
I am certain he has an ulterior motive for this.
These thoughts clouded the minds of Carol who has now found a sit for herself on the bed until she was startled by the notification sound of her phone.

She opened a mail which has been forwarded to her by her sister and she was amazed by the insight she got from the content.

The mail was a newsletter from a woman who has been through what she was passing through and who is now helping others find happiness in the home front.

At that moment, Carol was sure her marriage can still be restored to the dream home she has always hoped for.

The power of communication is not to be compromised in a home. Communication is a key to unlocking closed doors in every marriage.
One major stumbling block that many do not know however is the TIME TO COMMUNICATE.

We will be learning more about communication timing in the following post.



After I Do part 4

The montage of the business news segment on Channels TV filtered into my ears making me realise that the time was way past 10pm.

10pm used to be a time of the day to look forward to. It was a time Carol and myself sat side by side listening to the news, discussed about the days activities and did a little bit of gossip.

The hard lines on David’s face eased out as little smiles played out of the corners of his mouth as he lingered a little on the memories he now wishes to see become reality once again.

With this new determination to get things right, he dropped every ego he had into the recess of his mind and took light steps into the living room.

Carol was fast asleep on the sofa, peacefully snoring softly with her dishevelled hair all over the throw pillow. She looked cherubic and angelic at the same time, I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. I decided to wake her up for us to talk- yes talk.

The moment she opened her eyes and glared at me like a lioness whose curbs are been threatened, I knew instantly I have fanned the amber of trouble. Carol flared up. She gave me a sermon I will find hard to forget in a long time before storming out of the living room.
The loud bang of the bedroom door as she slammed it with all her might made the foundations of the house tremble in fear.

Just then I remembered.


1. David has a determination to make a difference
2. He decided to make things right.
3. David was ready to talk

What could have gone wrong? Find out in part 5

After I Do part 3

#AfterIDo part 3

As David undressed, dropping an article of clothing one at a time on the bed, he heard the soundtrack of Laali as Carol increased the volume of the TV. Carol has since found solace in the soap series on Zeeworld and Telemundo channels. She was not the only one in this state as David has made his Apple laptop his BFF. He prided himself with the aesthetics of his devise but even that has gradually began to loss its appeal.
Picking up his laptop, he surfed through the net even though he was distracted. He was about shutting down when he stumbled on the picture of a couple grinning from ear to ear. An article has been written about the turbulence they have passed through and how they were able to come through after they sought help.
David knew that very moment that his marriage needs help.


1. David was having a stressful time at work
2. Carol was not carried along with the wrongs in the life of David.
3. They both misunderstood each other
4. They assumed the worst about each other
5. They were growing apart
6. They realised they had a problem
7. They sought help.

Thank you for being a part of David and Carols Lives.
One major lesson from this series is the POWER OF COMMUNICATION.
Once a couple is communicating right, a lot of issues will be resolved even before it becomes a stronghold. Marriage is never devoid of challenges but taking the right step makes your marriage right.

Let us hear from you in the comments. . .

Francisca Ogunlade

After I Do part 2

#AfterIDo part 2

How can Carol expect me to drink water?
Is it that she can’t see or just pretending not to?
I cannot even look at her in the face yet she seems not to get it.
How can I even look her in the face and tell her the truth?

When Susan walked into the office reception that morning, six months ago, I was charmed by her playfulness and smiles. Little did I know that her discovery was going to rock my life.

Susan was from the internal audit division of my firm. Behind her seeming cheerfulness was an analytical mind capable of detecting any form of IT fraud. Known for her prowess on the job, it took her just a few hours into the second day of her arrival to detect a security breach. Initially, I felt unconcerned until a week later when I was summoned to a panel. I felt like I was just walking into space when I was informed that my password has been used in perpetrating an information fraud. Worst still, I was made to sign an oath of secrecy pending the time investigations will elapse. I had to spend longer hours at work trying to be my own FBI- I was desperate.

That night five months ago, all I needed was to walk into the loving arms of my wife but what did I get instead? I came into the house to meet a nagging and inconsiderate woman who has become so indulged in self pity in the last two weeks. I needed to clear my head. Where else can I get that privacy except in the visitors room?

Dark circles have become my new identity as sleep has eluded me many a night. My wife has become so distant that I hardly recognise her anymore. Can people change so easily? She has shifted from the caring woman I married to a nagging faceless stranger.

My life is in chaos, I have an ultimatum of two weeks to regularise the breach. Will I loss my job just like that?

Above is David, hurting from the experience at work.
Having heard from David, what do you think can be done to restore all the love that has been lost in the home?
Let me hear from you in the comments.


Francisca Nnadi-Ogunlade



Can I get you a drink?
David grunted as he walked pass me into the visitors room which has since become his bedroom. The night he undressed in that room five months ago, after I confronted him with his frequent late coming, was the exodus from he been my lover to my co-tenant. How else will I describe our relationship and marriage?

Our relationship was the envy of all and prayer point for many a couple four years back. We met in an interview panel, both fresh from school. We exchanged contacts and informed each other whenever there was a vacancy post. I got a job first in an accounting firm but as God will have it, David got his dream job with an IT consulting firm. He called me for a hangout to celebrate our victory over joblessness so we met after work at a fast food joint in town. That night started a beautiful love story which saw us saying the words “I DO” twenty six months later.

Two years down the line, we have become strangers. The love we shared has become a distant past that I can’t begin to fathom. I have been dutiful as a wife to David. I have never failed in delivering my duties to him. My pots and knives skills cannot be rivaled. My body used to be his temple of worship. He always found ways to please me but all these are now like a shadow that disappeared at noon.

Where have it all gone wrong?
To be continued

Above is the story of Carol. In your own view, what do you think might be the challenge she is facing?
What did carol do or didn’t do to help her relationship?
Kindly comment below.

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