Do you know your colleague at work is your new next of kin?


Before you start calling the cops, hold on a bit.

How many hours do you spend at work each day?

For someone like me, i spend an average of 10 hours each day at work.

I actually spend more hours at home because i get to sleep at home.

I spend an hour and half each day in the kitchen and about an hour relaxing before the TV.

Hmmmn, this sharing of hours is sounding a bit scary. I hope you are doing your own calculations.

If you spend so much time at work each day, why do you still find it difficult to get along with some colleagues?

When i say YOU, i don’t necessarily mean you as in you.

It is important we as corporate employees have a very good working relationship with your colleagues. They are the closest people to you known by others.

You spend the longest time with them day in day out, you don’t need to add to your hearts burden by keeping malice with anyone.

Have you wondered why people tag you with your work place? You hear names like “Andrew water department”.

If something happens per adventure, your office will be traced first before checking out your home address.

What i am saying today?

Be a good team player
Maintain a great working relationship with colleagues
Settle differences according to their merits
Live a life of peace always.

Do have a great day.

Much Love and Peppersoup


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