Winning a Christmas giveaway from Flourish Africa was one of the highest points of my life in 2017.

The giveaway was poised to celebrate women who were doing great things in their communities.
I knew i was nominated but been the second winner took me by surprise.

When i got contacted, i was just screaming. As at then, i didn’t know the surprises that awaited me until i got a mail to come for a session at Eko Hotels and Suites.

In company of four other amazing ladies, i was treated to excellent wine , finger foods in a beautiful environment.

I had a makeup session and a mini photo shoot before we were ushered to dinner and that was when i was blown away.

There was commotion in the lobby and our surprise guest walked in – Mrs Folorunso Alakija in flesh and blood.

I could not have asked for a better Christmas gift, the 2 hours with her can never be paid for. I shared some pictures on my Instagram handle. If you are not following me on Instagram, where have you been? My handle is @iamfranciscalade. better still, click HERE to follow

Here are the things i learnt from her:

  • PLANNING : He who fails to plan ,plans to fail. For you to run a business as a business, you have to have a plan that is well spelt out. A long term plan should be accompanied with short term plans.
  • VISION : Have a clear cut vision for your life and business. Your vision should be written out bold. This will be your guide as you go.
  • DISCIPLINE : To be successful,you must be disciplined. You have to be disciplined in your conduct and decisions. Decisions made can only be followed through with self discipline.
  • LEADERSHIP : Can you even grow a business without being a leader? The answer is NO. You have to be a leader your team can look up to.
  • DIRECTION : You must be sure of where you are going in life and in your business.
  • PROFITABILITY : When faced with making choices in your business, you have to consider profitability and ability to scale over ego and personal sentiments.
  • GOD : He is the source of all we are and have. Ensure you seek his face.

I am certain  you now see that i could not have gotten a better Christmas gift.

Guess what, she prayed with us – can you beat that?

Mrs Folorunso Alakija is so awesome, i pay God to bless her and grant her all her heart desires.


Much Love and Peppersoup




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