Life is a phases, every phase has its own uniqueness and lesson attached.

I learnt a salient lesson during this past week based on my sudden hospitalization and on one other experience I had yesterday.

I was feeling drowsy after taking my drugs yesterday night. I quickly plugged in my phone and drifted off to sleep, this was around 8pm. I woke up by 2am and picked up my phone to find my way to the restroom . I was shocked to see my phone at 1% .

What could have happened?

I was certain we had power for over 4 hours because I remember waking up briefly around 11pm.


Was my phone charger faulty?

Did I have an app open which was eroding my battery life?

So many questions came to my mind. I had to wait till this morning to ask my mum.

Guess what?

The socket where I plugged in the phone was switched off during the whole period – IMAGINE.

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I had an AHA moment at that point.

We can make so many plans and prepare so hard towards a vision but the ultimate approval Is from God.

Just like my phone plugged in, it was not charging because the socket was off.

My calendar was already planned out for a period of two weeks and one event I was already looking forward to was the invite I got from one of the biggest banks in Nigeria for a private unveiling of a product slated for tomorrow 28th. I had looked forward to networking with great people and learning new things during the event but then, the Almighty did not approve.

Should I be sad that my plans did not work as planned?

Yes, No, Maybe.

Will I carry on with my plans even though it is a bit late?


Is there a take away for me?

Yes- things don’t always work out as planned.

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NB: I am yet to post my podcast initially slated for last week. Once the issues are sorted out, be sure to be the first to listen.


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